Custom Voicemail Greetings starting at $35

Custom Voicemail Greetings are written and produced specifically for your business. If you know what you want your greeting to say, enter it in the text box below. If you need help writing it, contact us on our contact form and we’ll be happy to write it for you.

Listen to the voice samples below and choose the professional voice you want on your custom voicemail greeting. Just indicate your choice in the “Additional Info” section below.

Custom voicemail greetings without background music start at $35 for up to 60 words ($.50 for each additional word).  You can add background music for only $10 more by clicking the check box below. There are no contracts or long-term agreements like many other greeting providers. At Awesome Voicemail Greetings you only pay for what you need.

If you would like your greeting installed on your cellphone or Google Voice number we have the equipment to do that for an additional $20. Just click the check box below.

If you have any questions, use our contact form to have them answered before placing your custom order.

We look forward to producing your new Awesome Custom Voicemail Greeting!

If you prefer, email us at or call us at (612)460-1853


Voice Samples:


Dick (24 hour turnaround)



Al (48 hour turnaround)



Andy (bilingual Spanish) (48 hour turnaround)



Poppy (48 hour turnaround)



Meg (24 hour turnaround)



Peggy (24 hour turnaround)



Melissa (bilingual Spanish) (48 hour turnaround)


  • Please enter the text for your greeting exactly as you want it produced, in the box below.  Greeting limited to 60 words, for longer greetings, phone trees, or onhold messages, please contact us.